Any Eventuality

At Red TX we have all the staff and all the technical facilities a production company needs to guarantee that mission critical live audio content is delivered 'on spec' every time.

Live Sound for TV & Cinema

There is little to compare with the excitement of a live event. Anything might happen - and sometimes the most unlikely things do!

Mega Bands & Concerts

Over the years Red TX has clocked up 1000s of miles and man-hours recording live music events at many of the world's largest venues.


Whatever your audio post production requirement, we have the expertise and kit to make it happen with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Film Recording

Recording audio for film is a specialist task that requires a specialist crew.

Having experienced people on hand who can cope with the unexpected is vital if you want your live broadcast to be a success. When content is being transmitted to millions for television or cinema, there can be no room for error. You have to get it right first time. There are no second chances.

At Red TX, we have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure that it is robust, reliable and includes comprehensive back up. Our talented staff understand live audio having worked on numerous television shows. We also know all about capturing and distributing surround sound content, both for TV and cinema broadcast. Indeed, the latter has become our speciality as more and more bands undertake live broadcasts via cinemas to their global fan bases.

Red TX has delivered these immersive experiences for bands such as Coldplay, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Keane, and has worked with theatrical companies to broadcast their productions live to cinema so that they reach a global audience.

These complex productions, which are often broadcast live to television audiences of millions, require a very special kind of expertise to make them a success.

At Red TX, we understand the pressure of delivering quality audio and video live to air from these massive arenas. We also understand the complexity of concerts that often involve line-ups of many different artists - all with their own particular needs when it comes to their performance and their delivery of a great sound.

But above all we know the importance of getting it right first time. With mega bands and massive concerts, there's no room for error and no second chances. We thrive on this kind of pressure, which is why we're in such demand with production companies and musicians who are rocking all over the world.

Many live broadcast projects are also recorded for CD or DVD release and in these situations where a permanent record is being created it is vital that only the very best sound is used.

At Red TX we have extensive post production experience and can re-mix or 'sweeten' your audio to ensure that it sounds as good as it did on the night. Using audio snapshots taken during the live performance we can apply our expertise to re-pitch vocals,eliminate extraneous noise and remove any content that might not be suitable for a CD/DVD audience.

Combining sound with video requires particular expertise, which we have in abundance because we're used to working with picture. We also have exceptional in-house technical facilities that can handle all post production requirements, whether that be mixing and repairing a performance or editing and dubbing a movie soundtrack.

Most importantly, we understand the needs of artists and the requirements of broadcasters - we speak both languages!

There's more to recording film sound than simply waving a boom around - you also have to be aware of the location acoustics, the possibility of ambient sound interference like a plane flying over and the opportunity to record sound effects that a less experienced person might miss.

At Red TX, we have several film credits to our name and we are often called upon to provide back-up to film sound crews who need additional audio resources.

It's not unknown for camera people to handle both a boom and a camera, but it's tough trying to do two things at the same time - and that's where we come in. Red TX can coordinate the entire film sound recording process, from supplying equipment for the job through to providing the staff to operate it.

By having a specialist sound company on board, directors can relax in the knowledge that they will get a good, clean audio take with every shot.