Here at Red TX we specialise in delivering comprehensive concert recording and broadcast services to the music and television industries. We also record live music events for CD/DVD release and provide audio recording services to the film industry. From recording live 3D theatrical sound and transmitting it to cinemas around the world to mixing the likes of Springsteen, Coldpay and Dizzie Rascal on stage. Top-quality telelvision shows demand a faultess sound mix and recording and Red TX have worked with the shows from the all the major channels.
Red TX Trucks
Red TX is now part of the Remote Recording Network, a recording initiative headed by Peter Brandt that offers bespoke solutions for a wide variety of international broadcast, recording, mixing and mastering projects. This collaboration allows us to combine our human and technical resources and give European customers much easier access to fully digital trucks that can handle high-end surround sound projects, particularly for broadcast.
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